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Sensual Massage | Jan 27, 2015

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Playing Time: 41:08 Minutes

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Just a comment on Bara, the masseuse. First hand, I can say, that she's far better that what is shown in the video.
Oh my God...this is ethereal....sublime. The best ever.
Il tempio della Bella Donna (The temple of the Beautiful Lady)
After watching the film for the first time, I wasn’t sure I read that it lasts in fact more than 41 minutes for I had the impression that it had lasted less than a quarter of an hour; and when I watch it again, it’s just the same. So, here is one of its best qualities: “Tantric touch Massage” succeeds to create and convey a relationship with time which is not ordinary. If time is thwarted eternity, this film, by thwarting time, restores a grain of eternity to us, this eternity which is precisely the purpose of Tantra. Regarding the form, I believe that “Tantric Touch Massage” has a strong ritual nature: fumigation, then sacred shower, then unction of Marisa-Shakti’s body, which remains almost impassive but never indifferent. As far as the treatment of Marisa’s breasts is concerned, Bara is really great – her “presence-absence” is quite interesting – and I didn’t remember anything so hot since “Breast Mud Mask Massage” (Fabi on Yara) or “Massage under the Spanish Sun” (Pro on Muriel). These are archetypal boobs! The hypnotic sensuality of the film lies precisely in its intensity, its darkness and, of course, its slowness; the music is good, too. At last, the final close-up and fade-out on Bara’s hand creeping towards Marisa-Shakti’s yoni are the fermata of this masterpiece. Congratulations, Maestro!
I like the low light! gives it a bit of romanticism! :P although I was also not happy to see the masseuse put the sarong back on :(
Tantric touch massage
Fabulous model, moody lighting (which I like!), but water sequence over-long, and totally agree with comment below re masseuse reapplying sarong, detracted form experience, and also, like below, hope there is a part 2, as things were hotting up at the end!
Sensual, beautiful, and peaceful massage
Stunning imagry, beautiful woman and lovely music. One of your best.
Where's the light?
Are your lamps broken? Come on guys...!
Marissa in Tantric Touch
BRAVO! BRAVO! Simply one of the best videos you've given us. Marissa is a full-breasted dream, and you ought to bring us much more materiale showing her gorgeous figure.Many of your models are thin rather small breasted teens. In this video we enjoy a real Woman with Capital H. The fact that the masseuse is also naked is just an extra plus. THANK YOU!
By far, this is one of the finest sensual massage videos yet created on this site. Pure feminine energy at its height. MARISA has never looked lovelier, nor more liberated au naturel. For much of the video, therapist and subject are as one in their mutual nakedness, which I found touchingly beautiful to behold. But later to have the therapist again assume a position of being semi-clad, I felt that somewhat took something vital and alive away from the session. (Better it is to have both therapist and subject fully nude so that there are no barriers between them.) Nevertheless, this is a breathtaking, sensual and deeply emotive video. (I trust that more of this type will be forthcoming in the coming weeks and months. From the sensual to the hotly primal and erotic.)
Tantric Touch Massage
A massage video by Bara, at last!. Slow, soft and sensuous, but spoiled by inadequate lighting and by ending disappointingly just when, (it seemed), the most intimate part of the massage was beginning. Is there a Part 2?.
did someone forget to pay the power bill for this one?
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Sensory Pleasure

Not all massages are created equal.

This film begins with one of the most stunning shots in our history. Watch as water cascades in slow motion over our gorgeous model. It’s simply beautiful. But this movie is about more than looking good.

Tantra is about something much deeper than that; it’s about connecting mind, body and spirit as one. With delicate touch and tender care, our therapist awakens every single nerve in her body.

The result is one of the most loving and intimate massages we’ve ever shot.

Models in this massage:


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